Temporatily out of order

To all my new friends and readers,

Late last week I successfully had a dangerous lung operation performed on me but I am still in ICU and my progress indicates that I will be out shortly. I do not have the strength to be active for 5 more weeks I am told, but do not want anybody to feel ignored by either myself or your questions.

You all have my regards.

I will be more active as strength allows. They let me get online and play and read as my strength allows.

We’ll keep you in our prayers. Thanks for the update Buddy,

Buddy: Hey Big Guy hang in there. We appreciate all you do for the mineral owners. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.


May you rest well as your health returns.

THANK YOU for the brillant insight to create this forum.

Sincerely, Abdul لسلام عليكم. كيف الحال

To a speedy recovery…

Best Wishes

Thank you to everybody. I am out of the hospital and everything that should have gone correctly, did. Everything that could have gone wrong, did not. Now, I have this really pretty 11 inch scar! I am in little pain, all things considered.

Thank you again to everybody who sent well wishes and to those who just paused and said a small prayer.

David J. Gaar said:

To a speedy recovery…

Best Wishes