Temporary water line?


Hello all,

I just got something in the mail offering me money (~ a grand) to install a temporary water line on my property in Reeves. My main question is, was is a reasonable offer for something like this?


What do they consider “temporary?” How do they plan on crossing your land without an easement? There are more concerns to their request that should be researched. Good luck, Pat


I had a temporary water line across my lands a couple of years ago. They paid me to run a (rubber, plastic ???) line across my land to another section they were drilling on. Get good advice as they are smart as I signed for a 2 year lease and they were done in 3 weeks. Lol. They were a good company and really paid me well.


Louise, What did they pay you per Rod? Or, what is a going rate for pipelines or multiple pipelines. Any experience in this area? Thanks for your help.


Remember that the value is the amount they would pay to go around you, assuming your neighbors would deal with them. Don’t be shy. Have attorney review.