Temporary Easements

An oil company wants to run a surface water line over my grandmothers property. What is a negotiable cost per linear foot for this temporary easement? Any help is greatly appreciated.

The University Lands Rate and Damage Schedule is a good place to start. It depends on the size of the pipe that they are using. For water i would guess that it is less than 4" pipe, which would be $6.00/rod. (1 rod = 16.5 ft)

I'm glad $6 per rod is the starting point because $0.36 a foot doesn't sound worth the inconvenience. I hope the line isn't going across any place you want to mow. Might as well throw in a $500 a day security fee so someone with a camcorder can watch to see if they leave ruts or trash. I would also remember that if they do something wrong, you will probably have to sue them, is there enough money in the deal for that? If there isn't much money in it, I would let them honor one of my neighbors with the water line.