Tecate Well - McClain Co 34-6N-4W


The Tecate well has been producing since March 2018. Division Order title opinion still isn’t done. I check with Casillas every month or so for an update. I understand determining mineral ownership for this well is “a mess.”
Is it common to take this long for division orders?


Is it producing oil, gas, or BEER? LOL


Things to look at. To give you an idea of the number of owners in the units, look at the list of Respondents to the spacing applications. Towns and rivers complicate ownership.


Thank you, Frank. I am always learning.


There are hundreds of owners in each section of Tecate. There are some issues with ownership as we have a piece of the well and had a tangle just getting leased. Apparently, there were some title issues that traced back decades-at least for us. Hence massive confusion down the line.

You can track the production on the Gross Production OK Tax site. Nice well. Gross Production
Type in the Tecate name in the leasename box. Don’t forget to hit the little circle next to it. Hit the blue PUN number and you can find out lots of information. On the good side, they will owe us interest!


Thank you, M Barnes. One reason I check with them every month or so is to make sure My brother and I have not be overlooked! Your insight and experience is always helpful. I’ve already formally made a request for interest!


Tecate Well, producing beer, just got it.


Frank, where would I find a list of respondents to the spacing applications?


Go to: http://imaging.occeweb.com/imaging/OAP.aspx

Search for 201701295 in the Case # choice. Then look at the exhibit “A” to the APPLIC document.

Your name should be on the list, and you should have received Notice of the hearing.