Tecate Unit - Sec. 3-5N-4W

I have a royalty interest in the Tecate 1 well in Sec. 3-5N-4W. Been waiting on revenue for the new Tecate and Choate wells, but have yet to receive anything from Casillas. They have been unresponsive to inquiries. Can anyone tell me if they are receiving royalty payments for the Tecate 2 & 3 and Choate 2 & 3? Thanks in advance.

Yes, I am receiving revenue on the Tecate 34-3-2MXH, Tecate 34-3-3WXH & Tecate 34-3-4MXH wells. I own in Section 34-6N-4W. You need to send Casillas a certified letter requesting payment & statutory interest.

Thanks Todd. Can you confirm the revenue is from a royalty interest and not a working interest?

We are getting royalty interest revenue from those wells. Not working interest. Contact their Division Order department if you have not received anything. Might be an address or title issue that you can get rectified.

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