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I just signed a lease for some Mitchell Co. minerals. I'm hoping action is moving toward Taylor Co.!!!

I have heard that Devon Energy is working in S and SW Taylor County. Anyone found a landman to talk to or any offers made?

We have some mineral rights in Callahan County but found no discussion group for that county. Does anyone know what (if anything) is going on in Callahan county?

Larry, have you talked to a land man yet?

I have heard rumors of a shale exploration moving into Taylor County called Three-Fingered Shale. Anyone heard of this or know any details?

Before negotiating a lease it would be wise to check out this web site for the American Association of Professional Landmen, AAPL. AmericasLandman.com

If you know of the current oil lease rate for Taylor County, please respond.

I have minerals in the Potosi com. Any leasing in the area?

Does anyone have information regarding any and all drilling activity in Merkel/ Abilene area? My siblings and I have mineral rights and have been contacted by a landman regarding leasing same. Thanks

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Hi Clint

Not sure how to use this forum but I read all that is posted. Learning tho...



I just noticed on May 3rd you were asking for drilling activity information. I have posted on this following link wells permitted for Taylor County, Texas from Jan. 1, 2013 thru June 13, 2013. After clicking on the link, just click on the 'LEASE NAME' to view the permit. Includes 26 permits approved to drill, 1 permit to recomplete, 1 permit to reenter.


Hope this helps you.

Clint Liles

Thank you, Clint, for the links and information.


Thanks for the information about Taylor county. Do you have any information about Calahan county?


As of today I'll start posting for Callahan County.

Clint Liles

Thanks Clint for the Taylor County permit information.


Any activity on Sec. 40,44,39--Lunatic Assylum Land?

February 3, 2014

Breitling Energy Announces New Oilfield Discovery in Taylor County, Texas


Clint Liles

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