Trump tax cut puts royalties at risk to Wyoming
Dec 20, 2017 0

Tuesday’s vote in the House of Representatives and Wednesday’s vote in the U.S. Senate (to be followed by another vote in the House) will place Wyoming’s $675 million per year federal mineral royalty payments annually to the state of Wyoming in jeopardy.
Four states, Wyoming, Alaska, New Mexico and Montana could face the loss of $1.3 billion in lost federal mineral royalty payments if the tax cut passes.


Not sure where you are coming up with this dire prediction, but I must question the accuracy. Countless predictions of the sky falling, have already been proven as false.

Please expound and share your insight.

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I have read the bill. There is nothing that would do what you are saying. Besides, royalty payments are under leases. Royalty payments will continue to be paid under the existing leases, and nothing changes these contracts. Are you sure you are not Nancy Pelosi?

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Great Question!!!