Taxes went up

Blk 7 Section 14. Can anyone give any information.! Thank you William

This link will open the Texas RRC map viewer on a horizontal oil well penetrating Sec 14 Blk 7 in Reeves county. Note the drilling pad site for the well was located in the adjoining section to the south. Use the magnification bar on the left side of the map to back out a bit for a better perspective. Not sure what you would like to unpack regarding the tax statement. Do you own both the surface and the mineral rights?

No ,only the surface rights.

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I received a similar tax notice from Reeves County Tax A/C that now reflects hospitals and schools that used to come from Reeves CAD. I now understand that we will receive just one statement with both combined. Hope this helps someone because I was very confused!

thank you joy, I do see some of the things from last years appraisal district. there are 2 things that are new esd #1 esd#2, which I guess are scool district only went up 50. 00.then. thank you again joy…