Tax 400 & 409 Deductions on Revenue Check

There are line items for Tax 400 and Tax 409 deductions on revenue statement that equal about half the revenue from production. Could it be a deferred compensation deduction? Is contacting the operator the only way to find out?

You need to provide more details to get an answer. Is this a royalty check for a mineral lease or a working interest payment? In what state are minerals located as one tax could be state income tax withholding. Or could be federal tax withholding if you did not provide your taxpayer I’d or social security number. If you identify the oil company, then someone else receiving checks can explain the codes for those checks. Fort

They are deductions on revenue checks for production in Roger Mills County, Oklahoma. Royalty payments.

State withholding is on a separate line as are costs associated with production and deductions for severence tax

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