Tarrant County Mineral Lease

What is the typical signing bonus in Tarrant County these days? We were offered $5,000/acre and 25% royalties.

Belinda -

I am a Landman here in Fort Worth. I am not leasing at present, but have several friends that are here in Tarrant County.

$5k & 25% royalty is the highest I have heard being offered here in the area over the past year or so.

You may be able to get a little more, but only if you have a somewhat substantially sized tract of land and in just the right place.

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I have a freind in Arlington that had recieved some communication back in '08 when the prices were high but as we know that all came to a halt. His lot is about 1.25 acres. I spoke with him a couple of days ago & he told me one of his neighbors had been contacted last week by Carrizo offering a bonus of 6000 per acre. I don't know the % offered or any of the other detailes in the lease offer. He is planning on contacting them.