Tap Rock Payments from FIS

Tap Rock has been paying very scheduled on the last day of the month. I missed a payment for 30 December, it has ben two weeks overdue and my email inquire has gone unanswered. Anybody else have a problem with them?


I believe from another post that you have rights in the Black Marlin Wells. I also own some rights in the wells and my check greatly reduced, and only from one well. I was told by Tap Rock that the #204 well was temporarily shut in while other Black Marlin wells are brought on-line. My guess is that you had no check because the well was shut in, but I think we can look forward to some additional wells soon.

BTW my response from Tap Rock was slow, but I did get one…hopefully you will too.

Also check your original division order. If the minimum is set at $100, then you might want to change it to $25. If the royalties do not add up to the minimum, they will hold a check until they do accrue to the minimum.

Thanks to both of you. I think M Barnes has it nailed, my 204 only operated 13 days in October, and 214 did 29 days. That would have dropped production to make my check under $100. They have permits for another 4 wells on my rights, so things may get better!

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