T8 block 52 sec 23 24 26 and 298

My family has non executive royalty on these sections. There is production. We have had dozens of offers to sell. But the offers just keep on going up in value. In small increments. In January of 2018 we received an offer for about 6500 Nma. About a week ago another came in at 20,000$ nma. I am just wondering if anyone could explain such a large increase in the offered amount?

NBL Permian has 8 horizontals permitted across section 23 and drilling has commenced drilling on 3 of them. I'm sure the rest will be spud soon as the rig appears to working west-to-east across the permits. The other sections you listed don't have any horizontal action yet but having 8 across one makes up for that. Offers always go up once a permit is filed and especially once drilling begins. Congrats on your upcoming royalties!

Ah, that seems logical. Just riding the storm out. Thank you for the insight

Marcus T