T25S, R36E, E 1/2 section 3

Our family owns a small undivided interest (25NMA) and just received an offer to lease with a 2500 bonus per NMA and 25% royalty. It look like there has been quite a few new permits within a few miles and numerous horizontal wells in the last few years. Anybody else received any offers? Is this a good bonus amount for the area?

Township 25 South, Range 36 East
Section 6: W2 NE4, W2 SE4 NE4, W2 E2 SE4 NE4 Lea County, New Mexico

I received the same offer except for 1/5 royalty. Are there any comments for this area. Also, how willing are the companies to delete the recommended provisions from their leases, warranty of title, fresh water etc or is it a deal breaker?

The company has so far responded favorably to all modification/amendment requests to lease provisions. We are mineral owners only and do not have any surface ownership. Hopefully should have negotiations completed and lease executed in the next few weeks.