T23S, R35E, N.M.P.M. Section 4

I am new to this forum. My family has recently discovered paperwork with this land description after my mother passed away. Apparently it was from 1977 and described property 476-C in Lea County. How can I find out more about ownership, lease, royalties etc? Thank you

IF you own some acreage in this section, you are very lucky. This is very high quality acreage.

First step is to determine if you own anything and how much.

I looked at a couple of my standard resources for title research, but I can’t help much on that. Perhaps someone else can suggest a good landman or attorney? There are a couple you could try under the ‘Mineral services’ portion of the Directories tab at the top of the page.

Also, the operator of the existing wells in the section is Matador Resources.

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You can reach out to the operator that Armadillo pointed out to see if they show your mother as owning any interest in the wells that they operate. If she did have an interest, but was not being paid then they should be able to provide you with the reason why the account is held in “suspense.”

You did not mention what type of document it was that you found - was it a deed, lease, etc? Another step would be to have a title search done in the county to establish that your mother does still own that property and it was not conveyed out of her name.

Best of luck!

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