T1S R8W Stephens county

I have a copy of a lease from 1969 signed by my wife’s aunt for 38+ acres in the NW/4 yet we have no information on what should be my wife’s interest in the block. Is there any other way other than hiring a landman or trying to act like one scouring the county records to chase the history of the mineral right for the acreage?

Oops - that’s NW/4 of Sec 2 T1S R8W

You have a good problem which may mean money. To search land records click here. To search to see if your wife’s aunt had a probate in Oklahoma click here. If probate is needed, see here for Oklahoma Probate Options.

Since these are mineral rights only, will the land records work? Added info: Aunt is still living but has dementia. Lease was found in her files by her son. She is one of three girls who should have have inherited equally but I doubt any wills existed in the family.

I have accessed the public well records and am looking at the area for nearby penetrations. So far the nearest is r miles or so away.

Yes, minerals are considered land. However, navigating those records can be difficult. Also, online records are typically limited to the early 1990s.

Sorry to hear that, hopefully she had powers of attorney in place before this occurred so the family can take care of things.

If there is no Will for your grandparent(s) then likely 1/3 each under intestacy.
You should run your ancestors relative’s name through these databases:

Mineral Owner Escrow

Unclaimed Property

This will let you know if Oklahoma is holding any unpaid royalties or bonuses. This will not tell you if they owned minerals.

Thanks, good starting points. I’m mapping around the property to see if any wells are nearby. Doesn’t look like a hot area so far.

There was one well in Section 2 in the NW 4. Agatha Crews 1. Drilled in 1951. Looks like it was completed again in 1969 as Crews A-1. I don’t see any production records, only plugging records in 1952 and 1969.

Do you have an API #?

35-137-00472 You can find it/them on the OCC Well Records files. Type in 0201S08W in the Legal Location box.

Thanks, got all the pertinent info and have decided not to pursue since it appears there is no current interest near the location (3-4 mile radius)