T12N-R22W Section 30 & 31

Apache completed the Simmons 3-30H last year with IP of +/- 2,000 BOE from the Cottage Grove formation. A well density increase was granted in September. Does anybody know if Apache is in the process of permitting the next well?

I also have rights in section 31 (Chesapeak) and wanted to now if there is any activity in that section. \


Apache has a permit for the Taylor 30-12-22 horizontal well. Approved October 7, 2013. To the Hoxbar. On the west side of the section 30.

I don't see any new activity by Ches. in 31 at this time.

thank you. Do you know if they have spudded the well or set a spud date?

Spud notice is not posted yet

Thanks for the reply. I am learning this stuff on the fly and after reading your previous reply I found the Taylor 12-22-30 1H well in the OCC O&G database . there is a spud report showing a spud date of 10/22/2013.

OK, I am having trouble with my internet, so you found it when I was still searching. I tried it on my phone and found nothing. Tried it just now with my laptop and it came up. Very strange!

You should hear something about six months from now. It takes about two months to drill and complete. Then six months to get back to you with division order. Good luck!

big :) now that i know where to luck, i'll just monitor the well for completion records and IP records. Thanks for your help.

It takes a while, but that is where they will be posted.

Here is another good link for production. The OCC site only posts the gas, not the oil-go figure??