T10 north r62 west

I have 80 acres of mineral rights that the lease is set to expire on October 18 at the following location. Township 10 North Range 62 west section 13 S/2 NE/4 . Is anyone still doing anything in that area. I had a $300 per acre lease with 20% royalty. I am looking for a new lease or even to sell the mineral for the right offer.

I haven’t seen much more than that to lease in that particularly area, especially not after the changes. Minerals are usually worth 3-4x the current leasing rates. Unfortunately, that area isn’t worth much more. At least not at this time.

You might keep an eye on 16 active permits 3 miles to the east in sections 16 and 21 of 10N 61W. The operators are 8 North LLC (subsidiary of Extraction Oil and Gas) and Verdad Resources. If those permits get drilled and come in with good initial production then maybe activity starts to drift your way.

8 North is who currently has the lease but it will soon expire and I have reached out to them and heard nothing back from them. Thanks for the information.