T1-18N-3E missing well

In the Owner Registry there is a well listed as having come in May of last year. I contacted AEP to ask about the well that was drilled by AEW and the woman I spoke with said she didn't know anything about a well being in that area. I asked my Oklahoma attorney about it and he found the well listed. I gave all the information I have about it to Jeannie at AEP and she said she looked for it but didn't find it listed however she asked for more information like the name of the well. I don't have a clue. Does anyone have any information about a well in this area? The six months are up to start paying royalites.

The name of the well is Shenold 36-2WX

API 35119241790000

Thank you for the information. I wrote to the woman at AEP and received a reply that the well was not in my section and therefore I wouldn't be entitled to any royalties. I wrote back and told her that it's my understanding it's under a pooling order that combines the two sections via a horizontal well. Is there any other information out there in public record that I can give her? If not, I guess I need to contact my attorney and have him look in to it. I'm really grateful for this site....I've learned so much from you all.

Go to www.imaging.occeweb.com Hit on oap orders and case files. In the box for case number; enter 201400306. There is lots of information there, including applications that describe which sections they are drilling into.

Rob, I'm looking for 2 AEP/AEW wells in Section 31-18N-03E. Do you have the case numbers for Hartley 31-MH and MClain 31-WH ? Thank You.

McLain 31-18n-3e 1WH Case 201405851 (Second permit to drill posted two days ago).

Hartley 31-1MH. The only Hartley I see is in 31-18n-4e, it’s case is 201301460

Rob, Thank you very much!