SW/4 - Sec 2-8N-16W

I am absolutely lost. These are the coordinates(?) of my grandmother’s mineral rights. She has passed, as has my mother and uncle, as well as his son. I’m the last woman standing. I’ve reached out to a Landman via a website. Just waiting to hear back. It’s 160 acres that I know of, last leased by my grandmother in 1982. I guess I’m asking if there has been activity in that area since then. Or is there any planned? Thank you for reading if you’ve made it this far!

Welcome to the forum. Condolences on your family.

The description of the acreage actually does give you the location. You could locate that section on this map. Washita County Map.pdf (384.7 KB)

The last activity in that township was in 2017 with two leases. I see leases from several different families between 2007 and 2017.

The last regulatory activity was in 1981 with a spacing from Helmerich & Payne. https://imaging.occ.ok.gov/AP/Orders/OCC_OG_1VG643E_245FS3F.pdf

There has been no drilling since at least 1945 which is how far back I looked. It is highly likely that you do not have the full 160 acres as the gross acreage of a plat is listed on a lease, not the net acres. Nothing planned at this time.

Thank you for your reply! I really do appreciate it!


You may find this website helpful. You can look up your relatives’ names. It may only go back to the 1990s. Each county is a bit different. Free to look. Minor charge to print.

It sounds like you may need a probate to clear up the title to the property. Is there any activity that you are aware of?

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