Suspense Inquiry Letter

Does anyone have an example of a suspense inquiry letter that they or their attorney or mineral manager sent to an operator to inquire as to whether or not that operator was holding any funds in suspense and, if so, why? I know it’s somewhat common practice to send one out annually to each operator you have to make sure they aren’t holding any funds in suspense because they’re waiting on division orders, title curative, etc. and I would like to do that to make sure there isn’t anything I’ve dropped the ball on signing/returning to them. I can write and send a general one but I’d like to be sure I include any specific references to Texas Nat Res Code, etc. that help the letter actually get a response. Seems like a good template for NARO to provide its members if they don’t already. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Great post and idea!

I have gotten great results emailing a contact at each company (DO department or revenue accounting) if possible. I give them our owner number and just ask them to make sure we have no funds in suspense. It seems to work great!