Survey M.A.GILLIHAM - A 380/well 2RE 0363

What does, ( “on schedule” : NO ) mean? How can I see if if the well is currently producing? Well is above arrow, next to API NO: Where do lease contracts get filed as a matter of legal record? I see M.A.Gilliam Survey boundary in pink. I am not sure why the well is located outside of boundary line? what does 'permitted location mean? Indicated by the blue circle , at arrow location on map.

Thank you for any help. I am trying to understand the family history that goes back to a 1280ac Land Bounty given by Tx Gov for service in the Texas Revolutionary War. M.A.Gilliam in 1913 mineral acres were not conveyed with the land


GPolitte…this well API 403-30363 was plugged in 2004…NO PRODUCTION SINCE 2000


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