Survey for pipeline route

I've been contacted about allowing a survey for the purpose of potentially siting a pipeline. Is this something for which I should seek compensation? Are these generally executed in writing? At this point, no request to place the pipeline, just do a survey.


Hi Kat!

Yes, you will be compensated and yes, any agreement you come to will be in writing.

Many people appear to use the University Land Board's Rate and Damage Schedule to negotiate their payments. I have attached a copy of it here.

They will more than likely be contacting all of the landowners along a fairly broad potential Right Of Way area to see who is cooperative and who is not. That may have some effect upon where their pipeline actually ends up going.

Hope this helps -

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas

175-Rate_Damage_Schedule.pdf (181 KB)

The survey is just them asking permission to go on your land to see if it is a good route for the pipeline. No compensation for that. But (If you want the pipeline) it's likely a good idea to let them on so they can do the survey. THEN you get compensated.

Good point. I was running ahead.

Would you mind posting your Legal Description and what landman or Company contacted you for the survey permission? Thanks

The legal description is Blk:SF, Tract: 1, AB-538 BLK SF Sec 1 RE Montgomery. It doesn't have a section number, but is described as R.E. Montgomery. Its about 7 miles NW of Pecos. Dan Forbs of EnsiteUSA is the landman.


Thanks, it is different from the pipeline ROW I am dealing with.