Surprise Valley Leasing Update

Surprise Valley has continued to file new lease memos since my 6/8/2022 update. Their latest batch was recorded on 7/20, bringing their totals to:

1,413 lease memos

in 123 surveys

covering an estimated 46,500 acres.

Would be interesting to see a post from any mineral owner who has signed a lease with Surprise Valley. Here is the latest map of the surveys included in the lease area:


I have a lease along with several relatives with Surprise Valley signed in 2021. This lease is in Abstract 246 which is the William Day Survey.

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Hi Wheels33! Thanks for posting!

Can you share any information that might benefit folks who might be leasing with Surprise right now? Some possibilities would include the following:

  1. The lease term. I’ve seen a number of lease terms listed in the lease memos recorded so far. Examples include five-year primary/no extension, five-year primary/two-year extension and three-year primary/two-year extension.

  2. Royalty Percentage. Surprise made a filing mistake and recorded an entire lease. That lease showed a 22% royalty on a 176 acre tract. I was surprised to see a number higher than 20%.

  3. Lease Bonus. What bonus per net mineral acre did Surprise agree to in your lease?

  4. Did Surprise give you any information regarding the target formation and the expected timing of drilling?

Thanks again…


I would also love to have this information. Thanks

The lease was 1/5 or 20% for a 5-year lease. They paid $375.00 per net mineral acre bonus payment.

Haven’t heard a word if they have filed a permit or anything about drilling.


Thanks for the info!

Thank You So Much for the information.

Is there any information available with regard to drilling activity in the acreage that Surprise Valley has under lease? We signed a lease back in 2021 and I’ve inquired with Surprise, but they couldn’t tell me anything. I read on this site that Comstock is the operator, but I don’t know if they secured rights to all the acreage Surprise leased. Any information on progress that anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

No drilling info yet, but I’ll post some maps soon that show how neatly Surprise’s acreage in Leon fits with what Comstock has leased in its own name in Robertson County.

Comstock recently completed their Circle M Allocation 1H Haynesville well in Robertson County, which produced 37 MMcf of gas in the 24-hour test. Monster shut in pressure of 12,000 PSI at the wellhead!

Comstock also made an acquisition from Ovintiv in Robertson County that gives them rights specifically in the mid Bossier and Haynesville depths of leases held by Ovintiv. In addition, Comstock has acquired hundreds of wells and leases in Freestone County from Legacy Reserves.

It appears that Comstock has made a big bet on extending the Haynesville play while taking a look at Bossier as well.

I haven’t heard. I asked Surprise Valley if they had filed a permit on my lease, but they did not respond. You can search on the Railroad Commission website, but I don’t believe it shows much activity, if any, in the William Day Survey, which is where my lease is located.

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