Surge energy Howard / Borden county

Anyone know who to contact at Surge Energy for status of division rights?

Just call them and ask for the mineral owners representative…they deal with this every day.

contact them via their phone number and ask for Rebecca Wing in Owner Relations. She is extremely helpful. there is also their manager, Dave (don’t remember his last name) he is helpful but not as forthcoming. I have been dealing with them since September ref Division Orders also. Been exhausting.

Many times their company web site has a portal where royalty owners can get questions answered

Thanks all for the info - talked with Surge today. Looks like the process will take awhile, but it is moving. The land man assisting with the paperwork was fast when it came to providing the lease processing, but he was very slow sending the papers on the Surge- they told me to expect about three months.

Their phone number is 832-333-2350. Ask for the division order dept.

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