Surfaces waiver pricing in Reeves County, TX

HI There! I’m looking for anyone with knowledge about surfaces waivers pricing in Reeves County, TX? I have a client that needs to obtain surface waivers for a development and we need to have an idea of what market rate is. Could anyone help me? I would very much appreciate any assistance or information.

Thank you, Ryndi

Location in Reeves County will make a big difference in price. Can U give us the exact area as in Section, Block and/or Abstract number?

AB 480 BLK 13 SEC 71H&GN and AB 5160 BLK 13 SEC 72H&GN

I greatly appreciate your assistance.

Thank you! Ryndi

Ryndinator…I don’t live in that area but hopefully one of the locals can give you a ballpark estimate. Good luck. Clint

I’ll be surprised if anyone can tell you a “market rate” for a surface waiver.

From experience in other Texas counties it generally comes down to what the particular mineral owner (or possibly multiple owners) you are dealing with are willing agree to, and generally there is nothing that would force them to agree if they aren’t willing to waive their rights.

The size of the overall mineral interest and what portion of that interest you need a waiver on could be important, as well as whether those minerals are currently under O&G lease, or in production.

For example, a single mineral owner who holds 100% of the mineral interest in a 640 acre section where you only need a release covering a specific 10 acre part would probably be less concerned about granting a waiver than the owner of a 50 acres of minerals where you are needing a release that will cover all of it.

Your situation may be different but if you’ll go to the Looking Glass feature at the top of the page, next to +New Topic, and put in a search term like “Reeves County surface waiver for solar panels” you may find some previous discussions that may help.