I'm pretty sure they are not an Operator; at least there are no wells in Oklahoma under their name. Therefore, I believe they simply buy minerals and producing properties.

BCF Minerals

Tulsa based BCF Minerals is a privately-held independent exploration, production, and development company focused on developing conventional and unconventional reserves.

Today, the company carefully and strategically pinpoints areas of interest in emerging and mature plays. BCF has developed or is in the process of developing various oil and gas fields in Kansas, Eastern Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Panhandle, the Texas Panhandle, and Mississippi.

Additionally, BCF is focused on the acquisition of minerals and leasehold in numerous plays throughout the United States. BCF strives to give the landowners the best possible lease for mineral owners that want to lease, or and the best possible price for mineral owners who want to sell their mineral interest. BCF is currently committed to expand its mineral and leasehold position in Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Ohio, and Texas.

Clint Liles