Surface waiver Caddo County

Hello mineral rights owner of 156 acres section 32 T7N R13W. I have been contacted by RES requesting a surface waiver for development of a utility scale solar farm. They offered $1,000 to waive my rights (which seems like nothing). Any suggestions?

You would need to track down an attorney who specializes in solar. That sounds like a very small amount for a massive use of your property for solar for a very long time. There are some places that do agriculture compatibly with solar panels. Lots of research to do before entering a contract on your surface. Search online, search the major university websites, etc.

Such a waiver could seriously impair the ability to develop your minerals. This would require study and negotiation to determine if this is a good deal. There may be other approaches such as a royalty for electricity produced, cut out of certain areas in order to allow development, etc. Don’t do this without an attorney.

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