Surface value Blk.11, Sec 65

Hello, I haven’t been here for a long time, years to be sure. I was wondering if someone could give me advice on surface prices in Pecos County. Blk. 11 H&GN R. R. survey specifically. Also if you know of activity in the area. I looked on the GIS and there seems to be a lot more wells than a while back. I have been offered a purchase for the surface and don’t know if it is a good offer or not. The appraisal Dist. has told me much more than the offer. If I sell the surface, I will still have opportunity as mineral owner to lease for minerals correct? Thanks for any info someone may give. Wendy

You would do better to discuss the surface values with a real estate forum as this forum discusses only the mineral rights. You can sell the surface and then sever the minerals and retain them for leasing. Get a good real estate lawyer to write the wording properly.

Thank you so much for the information M. Barnes!


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