Hey guys, I have an oil company drilling on some land I own (only surface). SUA states nothing about water rights, only damages for pad build, etc. I was wondering if signing this without any mention of use or rights to water will take away my water rights I own with my surface?

You can add a paragraph that water use is excluded from the SUA and that oil company cannot use the water without first obtaining a separate agreement. Water is very valuable and you should be compensated. Prices vary by location.

Sounds like you have already signed a Surface Use Agreement that did not mention water rights, testing of wells or compensation for water. Therefore, the Operator has no right to use any water from your property without entering into a separate Water Use Agreement.

Thanks guys!

Should always have a Surface Use Agreement reviewed by an attorney.

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Ended up doing so but I really appreciate the feedback everyone has given. I love learning about this stuff!