Surface, Sub-Surface, and mineral rights?

Hey everyone,

I had a question on what the difference is between surface and sub-surface?

We sold a ranch some years back but retained all sub-surface rights, including mineral. Just recently, we were approached by a company to begin drilling for oil and gas

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I was looking at google maps and it looks like there’s a pipeline running thru there already; so should we have been notified of this? Does this still constitute surface rights? Suggestions?



I will hazard a guess at this one but first, the surface refers to the landowner or surface owner and the sub-surface relates to the minerals (oil, gas, etc.) which exists under the surface. A pipeline crossing the area would fall under the jurisdiction of the surface owner. They are generally compensated for the right of way in regards to pipelines crossing properties. You sub-surface or mineral rights will take effect when you lease, etc. for oil and gas exploration.