Surface Rights - Ward County


Any update information in ward county on W703266, H&TC, Block 33, Section 6, Abstract 1350, owned only surface right. Still deciding neither sell this property or hold it any advice appreciated.


There is a historic dry hole on Abst 1350. Could this be used as a disposal well?If it were to be used as a disposal well, I believe as the surface owner you could be compensated. Perhaps someone with more knowledge will comment on this. As the surface owner, you also likely possess the water rights, so you might be contacted to sell water. Check out And, of course, you could be compensated if a drilling site were to be located on your property.


Use of the existing as a disposal well would be limited to the surface owner where the wellbore is located. As a surface owner, you can use and sell water from a well located on your surface tract, unless prior owners severed water from the surface or retained any interest in the water. You should compare a plat with your surface tract to the RRC gis viewer to see the well location.


I did my research on my property as you stated came back with a reply back showing on map the exact location on my property lot. Do I need a lawyer on this matter if so can you recommend me one also lawyer fees?
Thank you on your help also advice.