Surface rights in reeves county

We have undivided mineral and surface rights in Blk 3, Sec. 17, Reeves Co. TX. Minerals are producing and we want to sell the undivided surface rights. What is the best way to sell them?

Moved this over to Reeves County for you. I am not from Reeves, but that category is very busy, Surface land is probably more of a real estate question.


If you own the surface to the entire section then you may be able to find someone to buy it for Salt Water Disposal wells. You may want to reach out to the operator and see if they have any interest in buying it from you.


Hi,following this thread. Wondering what kin of money do you think you could get per acre, if you sold it to them .thank you William

I have a question for the forum…is it possible to obtain a percentage of the oil that flows in a pipeline? We are negotiating yet another pipeline lease. This would be the third one for Section 28 Reeves County.

Probably a good question for an attorney, but my understanding is that the products in the pipelines belong to the mineral royalty owner and the working interest owner. If you have a working interest in the well, then you own your share of the product.

If you are a mineral owner, read your lease. If it specifies that you may opt to your royalty “in-kind”, than you are entitled to your percentage of the physical product. You may then negotiate your own transport and marketing contracts. If you only own surface and no minerals, then you have no rights to the product that is transported across your land.

Hi Rick, I have land in Section 28. Are you my neighbor? Can you please call me at your convenience? Please message me so we can touch base with you. I would sincerely appreciate it.