Surface rights in Loving County: Section 12, Block 53, Township 2

Hi all - Interested in selling about 100 acres of surface rights this section. Based on my research I think we can get close to $1500 per acre, but interested to know if anyone has gotten other offers or made a similar transactions. thanks!

Offer that 100 acres at that price to Judge ‘Skeet’ Jones in Mentone…and see what he says.

Haha - thanks, Lawrence! I’m not sure how to interpret your response… either Skeet Jones would love at that price or laugh at me? Also, did you happen to know my grandfather, Arthur “Joner” Jones out of Midland? He passed in '72 but his wife, Juliet, was there until '79 or so.

Sorry to say I don’t remember ‘Joner’…I got back from the Air Force and Southeast Asia in 1972.
Skeet and I went to HS in Wink together…and I know lots of former residents of Mentone and Orla. The Keenes, the Hoppers, Shifflets, Claytons, etc are friends of mine.

J.A. Short…

Skeet has a lot of land around Mentone, and he’s a pretty good steward of that land. So, if he buys it from you…it’d be a good thing for the area. Another good ol’ boy I know in that area is Bob Kelton… he might be interested as well.

Thanks, Lawrence. I’m out here in California so would need to contact them by email or phone. Feel free to private message me at: or send them me email directly and they can reach out to me. Best,


Hi Lawrence - Happy New Year to you. I just want to follow up on your suggestions for buyers of our surface acreage in Loving County. Do you know how I could reach Skeet (don’t have a last name) or Bob Kelton? Please email me directly if you have any more information:

thank you!