Surface Right Owners paid for easements?

We are so confused and need help please. Ok my mom and aunts own the mineral rights to the below listed areas. Cousins and myself own surface rights. There are four gathering plants on property and now they have put in two pipelines. We have been told by the cousin who can’t be trusted , that the family corporation receives no lease money monthly from Jackalope, Crestwood , etc. also that there is no income for them having easements on property. Something is very wrong here. Please explain. 2: S2: S19 T33 R70: 360.93 ACRES E2: SW4: S20 T33 R70: 480.00 ACRES PTNW: SW4:S21 T33 R70: 219.999 ACRES NW4: S28 T33 R70: 160.00 ACRES N2: S29 T33 R70: 320.00 ACRES ALL: S30 T33 R70: 640.81 ACRES N2: S31 T33 R70: 320.48 ACRES TOTAL ACRES 2,502.219

You mention a family corporation. Does it own the surface or the minerals? If you are a shareholder, then you would be entitled to see the federal and state tax returns. Pipeline easements are often a one-time payment and sometimes renewable every 10 years or other periodic time. If you own part of the surface individually, then you can contact the companies directly about the failure to pay for surface use. Your legal rights will depend on the state law where your surface is located. In Texas, buried pipelines require easement agreements from all the owners. Do you have written statements from your cousins that there has never been any payments for the easements or only verbal conversations? You also say that “we” are confused. Is this you and your mother? Does she receive royalty income? Can your mother ask her sisters to have them provide information to you? If you cannot get clear definite information from your cousins, then you may need to hire an attorney to ask questions for you.