Surface prices in Reeves County

We have 90 acres in Reeves County, section 245 block 13. Unfortunately we sold our minerals a few years back and are left with the surface land. We recently had an offer to buy some of the surface acres and we have no idea if the offer is a good one. I have contacted a realtor in the area and they were of no help. The offer we received was $3500 per surface acre. The only thing we have been able to find out so far is that gas and oil activity in the area is picking up. Anyone know what the going rate is for surface land 10-12 mi south of Pecos and 2 miles ease of hwy 17? Kristen S of Colorado

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Kristen…Your surface property is in a good location east of Tx State Highway 17 and County Road 112. Lots of drilling in the area, but have you considered selling 5 acre tracts of surface for Man Camps or RV parks for these people who have come into Reeves county to work to have a place to stay? There are several developers in the area who would buy land from you for such facilities. And land surface prices run from $2500/acre up to $8000/acre right now…but that will change. Get a good lawyer to represent you in any deals.

ol’Lawrence in Verhalen, Reeves county, Tx :sunglasses::ribbon:

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I haven’t been on this page in a while. I have 5 acres at the location listed below. I’ve been told I own surface rights only. How is it that some people get surface only and some get surface and mineral rights? Is it based on location? Does anybody know the value of my land’s surface rights, or whom I could contact to find out? Thanks! Acres: 5.000 Blk: 45 Tract: 23 AB 3826 SEC 23 BLK 45PSL SE/4 SW/4 NW/4 E/2

For you surface land owners around Pecos in Reeves county, Texas: plans for the city of Pecos What Pecos looks like now.

IF you’ve got land in the right place around Pecos…you can make a veritable killing as the city expands.

, Reeves county, Tx

Thanks. How can I find out if my land is “in the right place”?

Lauren…Tx Hwy 17 is a major thoroughfare from Pecos on Interstate 20 to Balmorhea on Interstate 10 and there’s lots of oil and gas production on both sides of Hwy 17…both east and west sides from Pecos city limits to the area around Balmorhea…that’s 38 miles. County Road 112/336 crosses Hwy 17 12 miles south of Pecos and it’s the major ROW for Apache, Noble Permian, Oxy, Primexx, Diamondback, and other major Exploration/Production players in Reeves county…and the primary right of way for 30 and 42 inch gas and oil gathering/transport lines to Hwy 285 where they split and go to the WAHA gas complex at Coyanosa and to the new Energy Transport plant where Pecos and Reeves counties meet…also the major crude oil plant north of Fort Stockton in Pecos county. In addition to the pipeline rights of way near your land on County Road 112, there are thousands of workers in that area direly needing a place to live while they work here. That’s a major opportunity for you. Those man camps will need convenience stores with fuel stations, fast food places, and general entertainment centers for them…especially the ones who drag their wives and tiny preschool children with them. You are in a good place with your land.

, Reeves county, Tx :sunglasses::rofl::ribbon::heart:

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Thanks, Lawrence. I greatly appreciate this information. I truly need to research the area better and find an attorney who can protect my rights and interests…

They are separately marketable. At one time, the surface owner would have owned the mineral rights, but somewhere along the line a surface owner decided to sell the mineral rights separately. Once that happened, the next surface owner didn’t acquire any mineral rights when s/he bought the surface. So now you apparently own the surface but no mineral rights. On the other hand, my family owns mineral rights but no surface rights.

Thank you Lawrence! Good information…Should have asked here about the minerals…:confused:…oh well, what’s done is done. Thank you again.

Lauren…Well…it’s only about 1500 miles from where you live to Reeves county west Texas so you can’t just walk out your door and be here to get a lawyer to represent you and get someone to take pictures for you as evidence your lawyer can present in court. But, some of the lawyers on this forum offer such services…and some individuals will go take pictures for you if you ask them.

Kristen, I see Toyah Creek goes right through your section 245. Some of the neighboring lands along the creek have circle irrigation for agriculture. Any idea if a future buyer would use your land for agriculture?

I think it was for storage relating to gas and oil but if you are up around Pecos I would think you would get way more for your surface than I would.

Oops, disregard the comment about Pecos, that was another thread

Block 13, Section 245 along Toyah Creek is East of Verhalen, Tx 20 miles south of Pecos, Tx in Reeves county.


Anyone have experience selling undivided surface acreage in Reeves County? I have some undivided acreage south of Pecos about 20 miles near 285 but not with frontage thereon. Just curious about the range of prices seen around that area or really anywhere in the county. Thanks in advance.

Hi Marcus…hire a lawyer. They will negotiate for you and get you the best price. Wade Caldwell was recommended to me and I wish I had hired them long ago. It’s well worth the money.

I understand a class action lawsuit will be announced soon regarding section 45, specifically, to obtain a minimum of 50% rightful ownership of the mineral rights same as was given by the State in the 1900s. In additional Land sold by the state in 2005 was not lawfully reserved for mineral rights, when sold, therefore purchasers of section 45, and other sections arguably do not belong 5o the state. Up to this point those in the industry had not questioned the states actions of acting as the owner of those mineral rights. That will change in the near future and the state will be challenged to give the owners their rightful share of mineral rights.

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