Surface Damages going rate

Hi all,

I was called by an oil company last month informing me that they were drilling 2 new wells on my property in Oklahoma.

I do not own the minerals, just the surface. Can anyone tell me the going rate for this type of thing? I have not met with the guy yet to see what they have to offer but will do that soon and wanted to have an idea as to what to expect.

As always, thanks for all of the good advice that I ALWAYS get from this forum.


What is the Section, Township and Range of your property. Is the location for multi horizontal wells? Is the property farmland? Consider the property sold for your lifetime and consider pipelines running underground.

I live in the west edge of Pauls Valley. I sent you a friendship request.

Hi Tom,

I got your friend request and responded earlier. It is Township 5 in Maysville. Not sure if it is multi horizontal or not? Yes, the property is farmland. If we don't want the wells done, do we have any say so in the matter? Probably not. Thanks much, Mary