Surface damages and maintenance at well site

Hello I recently purchased some property that the mineral rights transferred over to the new owner (me) this was a old tract that i dont think the previous owner ever came out to even look at. my questions because i know nothing is…

  1. who is responsible for maintaining the road to the wells? there are two of them and the oil guys ride a quad to them and it is almost impossible to accesses with a truck.
  2. There are power lines running from the road to the wells just nailed to trees some that would be marketable timber later.
  3. the oil person will not return my calls. I NEED HELP !

The operator will be the one who is supposed to maintain the roads to their pad sites, I would send a certified letter to the company that requires a signature and a return envelope. You can get an oil and gas attorney involved, but that can cost you some money, i would personally try every option to get a hold of them before requesting the services of an oil and gas attorney.

thank you ! what about the low hanging wires and nails in all of the trees? it just seems so unprofessional let alone dangerous to my kids who play around in the woods.

I would put that in the letter you send them, if the operator put those wires/nails in the trees i would express your concerns there.