Surface Acres & Mineral Acres

This is a stupid question but I can not find the answer on Google. I own 367 surface acres and 147 mineral. I understand the leasing of mineral acres but what about the surface acres - can you build a home on them or are they waste land?

Be kind to me and my ignorance, I inherited this land and no one told me where or what it was.

It would depend upon which state and county you are in as to whether you can build. If your surface acres are under water, then maybe a houseboat. Sounds like you inherited a larger plat of surface land and the mineral acres were partially severed. Some went to someone else or several someones and part were retained. If you own the acres, you should have a deed that describes where they are. Then there are many sources for looking them up.

Thank you for answering me so quickly - Yes I should have given you more information. The the property is in Gaines County Texas. Yes I know about the severed mineral acres. I really am curious what people do with their surface acres

I live in San Antonio, Texas and my son keeps saying should we go to Gaines county and see our land. But I just assumed it was waste land and all you cared about was mineral acres.

If I were you, I would post it again over in the Gaines Co., Tx area with the location abstract and see if someone on the forum knows something about the area. They may be able to send you a Google Screenshot of what it looks like.

Thank you, I knew it was a silly question but had to ask

Better to ask and find out, than not to ask and be curious forever.

After determining you do indeed own a surface interest, the amount of interest owned (25%, 50%, 100%, etc.) is a critical factor. If you own 100% of the surface acreage, then you should have the legal right to develop the property as you see fit so long as it is approved by the local and/or state governments. However, let’s say you own an undivided 50% of the surface. Then, you are essentially a co-tenant and likely can’t develop the property without the other co-tenant’s consent. Sometimes co-tenants will agree to “divide” the property so that Parcel A is split down the middle and creates Parcel B and Parcel C. You would effectively own 100% of Parcel B, and the previous co-tenant would own 100% of Parcel C. Now that you have a 100% undivided interest in Parcel B, you can develop it as you see fit. The amount of ownership and the interest being “divided” or “undivided” are the major takeaways to focus on.

New here, but would like to find out how many NMA I own in a county. Offer states I own a certain number of acres, but deed shows only interest owned in a fraction. How do I find out my actual acres before I accept bonus offer? Thank you.