Suprise Suprise Suprise

Rx a call from paloma saying you are a part owner in a mineral rights well in live oak.
Grandmother retained rights to 400 acre / have not ever seen the will but have been told that it passed thru the kids/ ie my dad to me. Said they have been looking for me for 3 months.
suppose to be a pooled drill site. 400acre + 220acre (unknow whos). They told me friday that it
allready being drilled - and by august of next year will be a multiple well site. I also was told that i would be a NPRI or that i could sign the lease? ( what would be the difference). I have no contact with the Family involved. Who rx the signing bonus & worked the deal? Am i intiled to anything? I have not rx the paperwork yet but its due next week. If i am not signing the lease what am i suppose to sign? Sorry this is all new to me. I will have people look over the papeerwork they send me. Do i have the right to see the lease & who did what and where any monies went & why.
Sorry just a suprised newbie

get a hold of buddy cotton under fayette county he is a member i accidently put this under discussion hope this gets to you