Suprise Mineral Rights from long lost and long deceased father

I received a call today from an energy company in Louisiana that states they have been attempting to get a hold of me for months to renew a lease agreement on some land in which they are wanting to search for natural gas on. This is the first I have ever heard of this. I have apparently inherited this from my father who passed away fifteen years ago and whom I never met.

I have been informed that there are other pieces of land which I have apparently owned for the past fifteen years, another mineral rights lease, some parking lots, etc. I have searched the unclaimed properties site for Louisiana but have found nothing on any of this.

The problem I'm having is that I have never dealt in such things before. My mother passed away about six months ago, I do not know my fathers birth place, exact date of death, ss#, or any other useful information. All I have is his name.

I am in totally unexplored territory here and could use any advise I can get.

Many Thanks

Get professional help. Don’t sign anything until you do.

I have obtained an attorney to look into this. I informed my contact with the energy company of this. He was not pleased and informed me that it was not his fault that I didn’t know what was going on with this land and that he had done everything he could to help me out in contacting me.

Good that you have representation. The energy co man has right on his side when he says he’s not responsible. It’s everyones own responsibility to know what is happening with their property. I can’t see where it’s your fault either, as you didn’t know you owned it. Seems to happen alot. Good luck putting everything right.