Sunoco Pipeline from Glasscock Co

I just joined and wondered if anybody knows about the Sunoco Pipeline coming from Glasscock County to around Westbrook, then on to Navarro County. They are using Percheron Field Services to try to obtain permission to enter & survey property for the proposed ROW. So far, we've told them we need to discuss an "entry" fee and conditions, and have not given permission. Sunoco is resisting but so are we. :>) Our property is on CR 365.

Have you asked for the proposed pipeline plans or where to obtain them?

I have but they haven't shown us anything yet--either the certificate # that shows they're considered eminent domain or a map of the proposed route. They first sent an initial letter back in June, then about 3 weeks later a rep said we weren't on the route, and now they're contacting us again. Thanks,

The matter could be used as eminent domain but they should want to work with the landowners and still pay surface damage to the owners. What price have they proposed?

They aren't proposing anything except to 'wander' over the property while they conduct their surveys. We know that eminent domain usually trumps everything in the end, but we believe they should comply with reasonable terms and conditions from the start, as described in a Property Access Permit. I don't remember where on this site I saw a quote that said, "

A long time ago, Ambrose Claybar told me, "Buddy, I don't do anything for free." And he meant it." (I copied the quote because I liked it so much)

Rwalker -- Have you heard any more from Sunoco? We have been approached by them. Don

They did what they wanted thru the district judge.

I know someone else in Westbrook same thing, I suggest to contact an attorney

Mr. cotton in Snyder

Ty Wood in Colorado City

They are trying to low ball everyone and when asked for details they are not forth coming

Do not give permission for surveying until you all sit down and talk about it first