Sunoco Oil Company

Has anyone heard of Sunoco Oil Company. I looked up funds missing on Texas claim it & saw I have funds from them waiting to be claimed. I have to have proof but I don’t have any correspondence with this company. How would I go about funding information pertaining to them & my funds. Thank you Janet Lambert

Sunoco is a major gatherer who transports oil and gas and pays royalties for a lot of small operators. They don’t try very hard to track down people if a check gets returned, and therefore send a lot of accounts to the comptroller as unclaimed funds. DO you have any old division orders from them? If not, it can take a lot of work to track down what wells they sent the funds for.

You may want to send them a letter with a copy of the unclaimed funds reports, and at least get back in pay status. They cannot do anything about the money they have already sent to the state.

Thank you for the advice. I will search high & low for something I could have possibly got from Sunoco. I don’t remember but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I didn’t. Thanks again. You’ve been most helpful. Janet Lambert

Sunoco is frequently chosen as the transportation company. You may have had correspondence from an operator. Do you have a county, section, township and range or abstract?

M Barnes, No I don’t have any of that information. That’s one thing that is really bothering me. They MUST have bought out someone I was getting checks from but I don’t recall any correspondence from them. I have had other companies do that but I always received at least a letter notifying me of the change in the company that would now be sending me my payments. I don’t understand why this Sunoco company didn’t send me any kind of correspondence. I’m at a loss as what to do other than try to contact company & maybe there would be someway they could look it up. The missing funds were reported this year. Thank you Janet Lambert

Hi Janet,

We receive a small royalty check monthly from Sunoco. The contact info on the check detail is as follows:

Inquiry line: 281-637-6358 Ask to speak with the Division Order Dept.

Rick5, Thank you so very much for the info. That should help me locate the information I need to claim my funds. You are awesome. I just knew I could count on my friends through this forum. Everyone is always so eager to help each other, as it should be. Hope I can return favor sometime. Janet Lambert

Rick5 I got in touch using the info you gave me & they sent me info I needed to file with my missing funds application. Now just waiting on them to validate my id etc. then hopefully they will send me the funds. Thank you again. Janet Lambert

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