Sundance Oil Company-Intentions & Experience?

I am curious to know if anyone out there has worked with, or has information about Sundance Oil Company. Are they a drilling company that typically intends to drill the areas where they hold leases or do they try to "flip" the drilling rights? I've tried to find out about them online, but haven't been very successful. Thanks for sharing any information and experiences you may have.


Sundance is from Australia and is traded on their stock exchange.They have a office in Denver and Oklahoma city.They have recently drilled two H wells in Alfalfa county .They have many acres leased and plan to drill many wells.They have a web site with lots of information on their drilling activaties.They are drilling in several states.



Thanks for your help. I was able to quickly find it once you notified me of the Australian connection. Also, I had been searching for Sundance Oil, when in fact, it's Sundance Energy. Thanks Again! Ed.

Ed, Lee is spot on about Sundance. What also might be helpful is that JackForkLand out of Oklahoma City is the mineral lease broker they have working for them to lease mineral rights. Here is a link to their website.

We got an final offer from them for $650.00 an acre for our mineral rights in S26-T17N-R4W in Logan county after negotiating up from $150.00 per acre over a period of about seven months. Of note: Osages Wolf 1-29H in 29-T17N-R3W of Logan Co. came in well and is still producing about 300+ bbls per day after 9 months (initial IP at 30 days was approx. 700 bbls per day) and that doesn't account for natural gas production---The well itself is two sections away from us and that helped to up the ante in our negotiations with them.



You say the Wolf 1-29H had an IP of 700 700 bbls and is still producing 300+ bbls after 9 months of producing, they filed notification of well spud date as spudded 12-10-11 which was only 7 months ago they they started to drill surface and IP of 315 bbls in May, only 2 months ago as first production date. Is Osage/Slawson not reporting correct information?

You know I wondered that myself and asked Donna at the OCC Consumer Division if they have folks that confirm what’s being reported by the companies and she said no. The thirty day 700 bbl IP was from Osages own Investors presentation for March, I beleive and they're showing more detail in the June report; as the Wolf 1-29H putting out more than the number Donna gave me (which is what would have been reported by Osage / Slawson) of 300+bbls per day as of May! See for yourself, check the link below. and click on Presentation.

Somebody really needs to look into this! Maybe I'm reading the figures wrong but I know what Donna told me and you're right----the well was spudded back in December of 2011 and the first production they're showing is for May and it's 300+ bbls p/day? That doesn't sound right to me and appears to contradict what they are saying in both the March and June Investor Presentations. Joe, Take a look at the presentations on their website and let me know what you think---You've got a background in the business don't you?
Hey, we mineral rights owners do need to look out for one another when possible.

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I didn't see where they spoke of 9 months of production, only showed a 30 day IP in their presentation June 14. The IP turned in to OCC may have been a 24hr or less IP. Where did you see 9 months? I would like to see the decline rate of these wells in Logan.