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We have received a small monthly check from Sullivan for many years for a well that was inherited many years ago. With no notification, the checks stopped last fall. We finally were able to determine that the Sullivan leases had been acquired by another company - perhaps Gypsy.

We are no longer receiving any checks. What should we do?

Susan Jernigan

If you will share the legal description, maybe someone can help with information.

I am adding additional information in hopes someone can advise.

We had received small monthly royalty checks from Sullivan for many years on the Rogers 2-8 well in Blaine County AL- 08-15N-10W. Sullivan sold the lease and the last check we received was 10/7/2020. When we investigated, we were able to contact George Davenport with Gypsy Glenn Oil who said they never got our information from Sullivan. We provided him with our information from Sullivan and he send us a pumper’s daily report of the production starting in June 2020 this February and assured us that a check would be forthcoming.

We have heard nothing further and are ready to file a complaint - or whatever we want to do. This isn’t a large amount of money - approximately $100/mo. My brother-in-law is in exactly the same situation and our check amounts were equal.

I have compared the pumper’s report that George Davenport sent with the monthly records on the OTC site and they vary for every month although not by a great deal.

Gypsy Glenn is operator 24511 and the well API 011-22571 is described as active.

Who do we contact to get to the bottom of this? It has dragged on far too long.

The first thing to do is send a certified letter return receipt. Include your last check stub, tell when your checks stopped, a copy of your lease and demand payment and interest.

You may also want to contact Devon because they have two horizontal wells in the section (with 5) and you may need to get into pay status with them. Send certified to them as well.

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Hi Martha,

Sorry, my earlier reply wasn’t accepted. Thank you for your advice. It has been frustrating trying to deal with Gypsy Glenn. On a better note, we have been receiving nice monthly checks from Devon.

Susie Jernigan

Glad you have gotten checks from Devon.

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