Sudden Production Drop

Hello -

I have an interest in the Hought 1-6-7H well, file number 22469. From December 2012 through Feb 2013 the average monthly production was 5,674 bbls/mo. From March 2013 through May 2013 average monthly production dropped to 1,634 bbls/mo. This was about when Halcon took over the well from G3 Operating.

Production for June 2013 was only 105 bbls.

Anybody have any thoughts on what might be happening?



Charles, your well only produced for 3 days in June, hopefully production will go up again when they get a full months production.

There was a pretty steep drop in production from February 4,344 barrels to March 1,879 barrels. I would say that was atypical of natural decline. The operator may have reduced production to conserve the natural pressure.

R W - Thanks for your comments.

If they have reduced production to conserve natural pressure would that indicate they are not using a pump? Any thoughts as to why June production was pretty much stopped?

As a Halcon stockholder and mineral rights owner do you think I would have any luck getting info from Halcon?


Charles, I looked to see if your pump was just added to explain the months of slight production because the well was down, but the pump was added soon after completion. I also looked for a well recently completed near your well because the operator will often shut down the well to make it less likely for another well to frack into yours, that's not the case here either.

There may be some work being done on the well, possibly something relatively simple, it just takes time to schedule someone to do the work. I'm not seeing things in realtime either, your well could have been up and running for a month and we wouldn't know it until next months report.

As for getting any information out of Halcon, I will give them the benefit of a doubt and say they probably would tell you as there is nothing confidential about the well at this time. The difficulty will be in finding someone who actually knows what is going on. I would estimate that if you were not handed off to someone else at least 3 times when you called, whoever you spoke to last probably won't know anything for certain. You can give it a try though.

From what I have heard Halcon does good business, installs gas gathering lines before bringing the well online which I would consider doing well by doing right because if you flare for a year when gas production is highest, the operator will then ask for an exemption to continue flaring because after a year of flaring, installing the gathering gas line is now un-economic and your royalty and the operators profits go up in smoke.

Sorry I could not be of more help.

Good Morning -

I see that the Hought 1-6-7H well, file number 22469 is now showing as IA (Inactive). I think this means shut-in. What are the implications?!