Sudden Offers Grant District / Wetzel Co WV

I own several areas of land but have gotten an offer to lease (I don't want to sell anything) in the Grant District 4-25-p/o 41 (??) and this co that is willing to lease it at 3500.00 / acre at 15% royalty rate. I've gotten calls to sell it, too, but I don't bother with those, but they all seem interested in this one area.

Does anyone know what's going on in that area if anything?

The company is 'Antero' out of Denver, whom I've never heard of.

Anyway, I'm in no rush, just asking questions.


Antero is a pretty big player in West Virginia, but they've only been really active up in Wetzel County for a year or so. A lot of companies have shifted that direction because they're interested in pulling up more dry gas than wet gas for the moment. That will change in a few years.

Those are decent prices for a lease, but you can negotiate for much more. Don't discount the other changes you can get made to a lease as well. The other terms can be even more important than the bonus and royalty.

Thank you, Mr Nuttall... I have limited experience in the lease side of it, what requirements should be taken out, provisions put in, etc.... Definitely something for an atty to do.

I'm glad to read a reason for activity in the area, thank you.

You're welcome, of course. Good luck.