Successful well or not

We have mineral interest in a well that Courson Oil and gas spudded in November 2022, it is Wassell 439 1H, API # 42-295-34395. in Lipscomb County, Texas.

Is there any way that we can find out if this well was successful?

We have been unable to find any info.

Your curiosity might be a wee bit ahead of the bit and frac. It takes about four months to drill a long horizontal well and get it completed-Drilling is fast, but they have to wait for the frac crew depending upon the availability. The filings take a few more weeks or months after that.

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Thank you, for the shall I say very quick response, did not expect that!

Your background is quite impressive, congrats on your personal success!

Thanks again!

Once the well is finished, it will be posted on the Texas RRC site.

Know your railroad district and your abstract number.

Thank you for the additional response.

We do have the field number and district number!

We really appreciate you responding!

Have a wonderful day!

I meant abstract number

I have an interest in 3 horizontal wells in Winkler County and here is how it has progressed.

April 2022 started drilling November 2022 completed Was told today to expect division orders late February or early March.

So hoping for 1st check late March.

Hi Joe, that is a long stretch waiting for your first check!

Hopefully they hit some really good wells for you!

Thanks for the heads up!

Have a great rest of the week!

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