Subsurface Easment

I recently signed a sub serface eastment with conoco phillips for a fraction of a acre in nw dewitt county texas, north of yorktown, texas. he said they needed 100 feet from the vp of a well that will drill soon in a another unit. the question is, is this done everywhere and is the cost set per acre. he also said I will be in the unit next to that unit also lease by conoco phillipsthanks Trini

Dear Mr. Nuncio,

The reason for a subsurface easement is because you own the surface and at least a portion of the minerals and are not in the current unit.

The price you receive is the price that you or your representative can negotiate for you.

As to "next unit" if I have heard that once, I have heard it one hundred times. Next time, don't do anything for nothing and get in the existing unit, or a well committment and total acreage unit participation on the following well.