Subsurface Easement for Wellbore

Ascent offered me $500 for a subsurface easement for a wellbore. I only own the surface rights, not mineral rights. Richland Twp. Any Advice?

CMcLeish, I would consult an oil & gas attorney that is licensed in Ohio to help you negotiate this easement. Make sure they are significantly experienced.

Good Luck! ~Rachel

While you are searching for an experienced oil & gas attorney, you might also want to look up the wording of a surface use lease by the University of Ohio or other state universities that own surface lands. It is useful to get an idea of the language used, but do not try to copy it for yourself. NARO has an OHIO chapter, so you might want to contact them for advice on how to find a good surface attorney. I heard an excellent talk at NARO US on surface use agreements, but do not remember the name of the speaker.

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