Subsurface easement agreement

I am a mineral rights owner with producing wells in mc kenzie county .Recently I received in the mail, an agreement form from a co. representing an oil co drilling in the section no. and east of me, asking for permission to bring a well thru my section in a "J' drilling pattern. This would allow them access to the section directly north of me .A small check was attached.

I checked with NDIC offices and NO DAK LAND MGMT office but wasn't able to get any info or answers on this question. One gov't individual said I should hire an attorney.My own oil co did not respond to several e-mails and phone messages

Can this oil co. proceed with out my agreement ???? ths. P. CONLEY

Dear Mr. Conley,

Do they want a subsurface easement only or do they want to install some above ground facilities?

If you are the surface owner and the lands are not in an unit established for that extended reach well, then they have no right to drill under your land without your permission.


Buddy Cotten

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